With the Hybrid Shipping Rates feature, you can create shipping methods that have multiple sets of shipping rates/rules mapped to them.

For example:
A customer orders items that are coming from two different dropshippers.
Total weight: 8 lbs.
Dropshipper “A” uses FedEx, but charges a flat rate of $10 for the first 15 lbs. Orders over 15 lbs. have
shipping charged in Real-Time.
Dropshipper “B” ships everything using USPS Priority Mail with Real-Time rates.
The customer selects “Ground” from the list of available methods in your store.
The Advanced Shipping Manager would know that if “Ground” was selected in by the customer, it would
charge $10 for dropshipper “A” and $6.57, the USPS Real-Time rate, for dropshipper “B”. It would then add
them together and display a total shipping cost of $16.57.

That’s not all! You can also do the following with Hybrid Shipping Rates:
Shipping Upgrades – Offer your customers free shipping upgrades for exceeding set order values.

Use a combination of Real-Time rates, and Table Based rates for a single shipping method.

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