Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How does this integrate with my E-Commerce Store?
Answer: E-Commerce Stores have the ability to receive shipping rates from 3rd party applications such as the Advanced Shipping Manager. Customers will continue placing orders in the same way, and their experience will remain the same. They will not see anything differently other than the shipping rate itself. Integration to your E-Commerce Store is completely seamless.

Question: Will my customers be taken to another website?
Answer: No. Your customers will remain on your website throughout the entire process. There will be no popups, or any “hacks”.

Question: Can I charge my customers a handling fee?
Answer: Yes, you can charge a handling fee by using the Shipping Rate Markup feature. It can be done with a flat rate and/or a percentage of the shipping rate.

Question: Can I rename my shipping methods?
Answer: Yes, you can name the shipping methods anyway that you choose. For example, you can call FedEx Ground, “Ground”. Customers will only see “Ground” although FedEx Ground will be the active shipping method.

Question: Can I use more than one shipping company at the same time?
Answer: Yes, you can use any combination of shipping companies that you wish.

Question: Does the Advanced Shipping Manager also work for international orders?
Answer: Yes, international orders and shipping rates are fully supported.

Question: Will the Advanced Shipping Manager calculate rates to a PO Box?

Answer: Yes, shipping rates to PO Boxes will be calculated by the Advanced Shipping Manager, when a shipping method that allows shipping to a PO Box is selected.

Question: Can I still continue to use my custom Shipping Rate Tables?
Answer: Yes, the Advanced Shipping Manager allows you to create your own custom Shipping Rate Tables similarly to the way that you currently do it in your E-Commerce Store.

Question: My products ship with a trucking company, will the Advanced Shipping Manager work for me?
Answer: Yes, the Advanced Shipping Manager currently supports over 20 freight/trucking companies. We continue to add more companies on a regular basis. If you have a company that you want to use and that we do not currently offer, please contact us. You may be pleasantly surprised. Often we are able to add a shipping company by customer request.

Question: I currently use Advanced Shipping Manager Version 1. How can I upgrade to Version 2?
Answer: In most cases, we can easily upgrade you. However, if we customized Version 1 for you, we may need to review your installation prior to upgrading. For all upgrade questions, please contact us for detais.

Question: Can I use a combination of flat rates and real-time rates in one shipping method?
Answer: Absolutely! We added this great feature in Version 2. It allows you to add multiple rates to a single shipping method. The rate(s) that are used for that method depend on a set of rules which you can create in the back-end. For example: You can create hybrid shipping methods that charge a flat rate up until five pounds, and then real-time rates kick in over five pounds. You can even have that be a different rule depending on where the item ships from.

Question: I have multiple warehouses that ship the same product, how does the Advanced Shipping Manager handle it?
Answer: If you are using our multiple origin zip code feature, the Advanced Shipping Manager, will use the closest warehouse to your customer’s shipping address. We can also customize this to work with your inventory system, so that only warehouse that actually have the item in stock will be used.

Question: My warehouses/dropshippers all use different shipping companies, what should I do?
Answer: Our new Rate Mapping feature allows you to create different shipping rules for each dropshipper. The rules can all be attached to a single shipping method. For example: You can set “Dropshipper A” to use UPS rates, and “Dropshipper B” to use FedEx rates. If a customer places an order with items that are coming from both dropshippers, our system will calculate both shipments according to the rules that you set.

Question: I have a negotiated discount with FedEx/UPS, can I use those rates?
Answer: Absolutely! Please let us know at the time of installation and we will be happy to set this up for you.

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